Agile Development

Agile Software Development involves a set of practices based around a close working relationship between the business development team and the technical team.

It uses many different technologies which enable all project team members to be aware of what is happening at each stage (or version) of the software programming, publishing, monitoring and bug fixes.

This way of developing software programs and smartphone apps enables a first version (often called minimal viable product) to be created, tested and monitored so that a next version can be created and published quickly.

This method of software development enables a business or business unit to get immediate feedback from users (customers) and keep track of bugs so that the programmers and technical teams are aware of important milestones in the product development roadmap and able to contribute to it.

When you’re creating a web-based application or mobile app and you have positive growth plans you need a good hosting and development environment.

AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud, we can help you with set up, load balancing, security and the ability to replicate and scale quickly.

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